I have to talk about PokemonGo, at least once. And, I know: we’ve all heard about this, and the hype is down a little bit right now. But I love this game. I wasn’t around when the card game was popular, but from the way my person plays, it was pretty obvious she was. It was definitely a huge part of her generation, and the generations after. I like the concept: catching little pocket monsters, training them, competing them against each other. It’s like having a virtual pet who can blow fire at someone else’s virtual pet.


That’s not the only thing about PokemonGo that I like. It promotes exploring. Think about it: how many new places have the players been, simply because they were searching for that one Pokemon? They’re getting out, they’re exploring, they’re exercising, all in the name of a game. There’s no better example of the power of play! And it’s not just kids who are playing PokemonGo: adults are out there, too, gathering the Pokemon they need. Strangers are uniting over a good, fun, common cause!

We were Pokemoning a few weekends back, and we actually discovered a new park in Albuquerque that we’d never been to before. It’s call the USS Bullhead Memorial Park, and it’s in honor of the USS Bullhead, a WWII submarine that took out a few ships and saved people out of the waters.  How cool is that?

One other cool feature: the photos! We all know, everything with me is about photos of places I’ve been, but with this game, I can take pictures with Pokemon! They’re adorable! And that’s how I’m “collecting” my Pokemon. I don’t have my own account (yet…my person and I are still discussing this), but I use hers and collect my Pokemon this way.


I just had to share. I really like this game! And now we’re working on “catching them all!”



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