The 80th New Mexico State Fair

Hey, everyone! Icarus here! Sorry I haven’t posted in so long, but I’m back and ready to share our adventures with you. Our most recent adventure was to the 80th New Mexico State Fair.

The State Fair is always a treat, and we were thrilled to be able to go and see all the sights, including the Dustin Lynch concert at the end of the evening.

We found out a little bit of history about the New Mexico State Fair, which I wanted to make sure to share with all of you. Dan Mourning, the General Manager for the New Mexico State Fair, had this to say about it:

“We are pleased to welcome you to the 80th annual New Mexico State Fair! Since 1938, the state fair has delivered an awesome and affordable annual event to the citizens of our beautiful state, which is now gaining national attention as among the best in the country. We’re proud to announce that for the last several years our state fair has ranked among the top ten in the country, and we have held on to the second place for two years in a row. We’ve packed enough love and fun into this year’s state fair that we think it is only a matter of time before we land the Number 1 spot!…

“As alluded to previously, this year’s state fair theme is “Love is in the Fair,” because our annual event is grounded in love—New Mexicans’ love of their state fair is what inspires us to work hard all year to bring you an amazing event, reflective of the best things about our state. Additionally, in our hectic world, we believe that love, understanding and appreciating our neighbors is sometimes lacking. The fair is a welcoming place for everyone and the perfect place to leave your troubles behind and have a wonderful and fun filled experience. Love is in our hearts, and love is truly in the fair!” (as printed in the State Fair program)

There was a great chart in the program that really showed some of the differences between the first fair, which was in 1938, and this year’s fair. The price of admission certainly went up, and only the amount of poultry exhibited and the length of time it takes to fly from Albuquerque to New York went down.

state fair stats_cropped

We definitely loved the fair. It’s hard to say which is our favorite: the animals, the food, the art, the goodies, the celebrities, or the midway! We had such a great time, that I thought I’d show some of the experiences we had.

I had the honor of meeting Smokey the Bear. Did you know that Smokey the Bear, the icon of forest-fire protection, is actually from New Mexico? The original Smokey the Bear was orphaned after a forest fire in Capitan, New Mexico, and lived in Washington, DC’s National Zoo for 26 years. The Smokey I got to visit was at the State Fair to let everyone know about fire safety, especially in our beautiful state.


I also got to meet Miss Indian New Mexico, Janessa Bowekaty of the Zuni Pueblo. She was so wonderful and friendly.


Nimue, Iris, and Bu found a Candy Castle maze! It was filled with all kinds of different sugary delights, which we all drooled over.


With the rabbits and fowl, Usil found two Jackalopes. Jackalopes are unique to the American Southwest, and are a huge part of the folklore of the Southwest. A Jackalope is a horned-rabbit with magical powers that are generally used for mischief, kind of like Coyote or the Kokopelli.


We collect smashed pennies from where we go. Artemis discovered a huge collection in the arts and crafts tent. It was quite amazing to see all the different pennies that had been collected.


Nez found a spotted Longhorn bull. He was huge, and that’s by normal standards, not our 3-inch standards.


Samson met two wonderful officers from the New Mexico State Police. They were making sure everyone was having fun and was safe. The officers were nice enough to give us stickers for our passports.


Chico watched Whiplash the Cowboy Monkey. That little monkey rode a border collie named Brady and he herded sheep.


Satet and Pecos found the carnival games on the Midway.


Matuya found the beautiful lights of the Yo-Yo, one of the rides on the Midway.


And I got to see Dustin Lynch perform. He gave an amazing performance. My person and I weren’t sure what to expect, as we weren’t too familiar with his music (her sister had invited us along), but we both danced and sang as best we could. There was no way we couldn’t!


It was a long day of food and fun, but it was well worth it. I look forward to next year’s fair!


Spooky Fun!

My person’s dad and step-mom bought her a ghost tour for her birthday. I’d never been on one, but she had been a few, and she always got excited about them, so I thought I’d tag along to see what it was all about. It was fantastic, by the way.


The tour was with the History & Ghost Tours of Old Town, located (you guessed it) in Old Town Albuquerque. It explores the spookier side of Old Town, which, let me tell you, gets pretty spooky.

I don’t want to spoil anything for anyone who might be considering this tour. A quick overview included a phantom mistress-of-the-night (my person won’t tell me exactly what this is…), a revenge-bent lover, an invisible maid, a hanging tree (no, the song from HUNGER GAMES wasn’t played), and the most terrifying reality of what might actually be beneath our streets… 20170708_230658

Our guide was fantastic. He was funny, he was witty, his comic timing was genius. My person isn’t beyond going up in a dare, so she touched haunted doors and giggled at some of the darker jokes. Let’s face it: when you’ve done the Ghost Bus Tour of Dublin, you’ve got to have a sick sense of humor to keep going with these tours!

It was truly an enjoyable tour. With the except of the mistress-of-the-night (still not sure entirely what this means), I’d rate this tour kid-friendly, too.